About Us

Dhost Interactive is a digital media design company with rich experience in adopting Internet, mobile phone and social media as platforms to provide the customers with customized creative plans to realize their marketing purposes. The Dhost team is composed of professionals who have worked in this industry for many years concerning marketing promotion, website design, programming and copy writing, etc. To face the changes in the market with each passing day, adoption of the latest technologies for propaganda and promotion is without doubt the best way. Dhost Interactive is ready to be your partner to cooperate with you in planning and technology.


  • Knowing the Target

    Firstly we need to know the customer's purpose, requirements and targets for the entire project, which will help us to frame the strategy and design way.
  • Framing the Strategy

    We will then propose to the customers the orientation and methods of the activities, as well as the medias applicable.
  • Conceiving Ideas

    After framing of the strategy, we will start with the conceiving of ideas.
  • Layout Design

    The design group will first make the draft design of the layout for evaluation from the customers. Then after confirmation of design style, they will work on the design.
  • Programming

    The technology group will program for the project and test with different browsers.
  • Launching the Works

    The finished works will be presented to the customers for UAT. If the customer will provide the server, our technology group will follow up the Migration work.
  • Following up the Cases

    We will follow up the feedback of each promotion activity and present the customers with statistical data. If necessary, we will make the design and technological amendments.