Online Registration System

Online registration system is suitable for all types of events, courses, competitions and school admissions which require participants to fill in personal information, reservations and pay online. The system can generate QR Code for admission, send emails and SMS notification to participants automatically. Administrators can view and export participants' information via backend of system.

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Type of Use

  • Event Registration

    Event Registration

    Applicable to companies with one-time event registration or regular events which can be set date, time slots, fees and quota for online registration. Auto generated QR Code can be used as admission tickets

  • Course Registration

    Course Registration

    Applicable to education centers, interest classes and schools. Courses can be set dates, time slots, fees, location, etc.

  • Competition Registration

    Competition Registration

    Applicable to all types of competitions which can be divided into stages of registration and uploading works. It also support the review function for the judges after login. The uploaded file formats include pictures such as JPG/PNG, documents such as PDF or video such as MP4, etc.

  • School Admission

    School Admission

    Applicable to kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools, etc. Students can fill out forms and upload documents online instead of traditional forms of submission

  • Service and Facility Booking

    Service and Facility Booking

    Applicable to club houses, beauty centers, etc. Services or facilities can be set the opening date, time slots and fees for customers to make online reservations

  • Job Application

    Job Application

    Applicable to larger companies to list job vacancies online. Applicants can apply jobs and upload resumes online

Enterprise System Features

  • Event Management

    Event Management

    Administrators can add, modify, and delete information of each event such as location, time slots, fee, location and upload images

  • Calendar View

    Calendar View

    Events can be shown using calendar and table view with categories, filters and keywords search function

  • Participant Management

    Participant Management

    Email will be sent to applicant and administrator automatically after applicant registered online. Occupied quotas of event can be deducted by system automatically. Administrator can view and export the list of participants for each event via backend

  • Online Payment

    Online Payment

    Online payment methods such as Paypal, PayDollar, Alipay and WeChat pay and offline payment such as bank transfer, cheque and others are supported by the system

  • QR Code Ticket

    QR Code Ticket

    QR Code admission tickets and SMS notification can be generated by the system automatically.

  • QR Code Scanning

    QR Code Scanning

    Administrator can use the QR Code scanner of his mobile phone to scan the participants' tickets at the venue. System can identify whether the participants' tickets are valid and display the participant's data on the mobile phone screen and upload the attendance data to the online database.

  • eCoupon


    Administrators can set up eCoupons in backend, allowing participants to receive discount offers.

  • Membership System

    Membership System

    It can be used in conjunction with the membership system to allow participants to check registration and attendance records online.

  • File Upload

    File Upload

    Participants can upload images and PDF files at the front desk, which can be viewed and downloaded by the administrator in the background. It is suitable for competitions, admissions, applications, etc.

  • ERP Integration

    ERP Integration

    API interface can be provied to connect ERP system of clients, synchronizing data of participants and events.

  • eShop Integration

    eShop Integration

    Online registration system can be integrated with your eShop as add-on function.

  • After Sales Service

    After Sales Service

    One year free technical support service provided by Dhost Interactive.

Our system support below payment gateway

  • Paypal
  • Pay Dollar
  • Stripe
  • PayMe
  • Alipay
  • Wechat Pay
  • FPS